Branson Offers Tony Fernandes Stewardess Job at Virgin

It's quite obvious that all the new teams that are to make their first steps in Formula One next season will have at least one thing in their mind. And that's to become the best of the newly-entrants. Some of them have said it out loud – see Campos Grand Prix or Lotus F1 Team – some have joked about it – Virgin Racing – and others have tried to keep a low profile – US F1.

Referring to the joking part, it couldn't have come from any other F1 boss than Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group owner responded in humorist fashion to Lotus F1's CEO Tony Fernandes, who recently told the media that he'll likely kill himself if he won't finish the 2010 season ahead of Virgin Racing.

Branson, however, found another challenge for the two organizations for the upcoming season. Needless to say, it's less painful and provides some good job opportunities for the loser of this who-finishes-in-front bet.

Having come from a music background, I suppose we might be able to choose the music for the funeral. But I like Tony a lot so I hope he doesn’t have to kill himself,” jokingly announced Branson during the media event in which he confirmed his F1 team, on Tuesday, as reported by the Reuters news agency.

At the same obviously we would like to beat him. Maybe we can think of another challenge. He has an airline, we have an airline and if we beat him he can come and work on our airline as a Virgin stewardess.”

We will make sure that the stewardess outfit is perfect. I suspect that he might ask us to reciprocate. I’ll have to check how fetching his stewardess outfits are but I’d be game to do it while totally confident of winning,” continued Branson.

Despite the fact that he failed to bringing a female winner into Formula One in 2010, Branson reiterated his desire to make the sport even more sexier in the seasons to come.

What I discovered last year (as sponsor of Brawn) is that there are a billion people that watch Formula One and the people that watch it are fanatical. For us to be involved in Formula One is good for the brand. Formula One is a sexy beast and we are going to try and make it a little bit sexier,” added Branson.
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