Tesla Model S Jumps 50 Feet Into the Air, Everybody's Speechless

Over the weekend, YouTuber Alex Choi attended a Tesla meeting somewhere in Los Angeles, where owners showed what modifications they made to their cars. Everything ran smoothly, and everyone was enjoying their time there. But the night ended in a completely different matter, and there's video to prove it.
2022 Tesla Model S Jumps Into the Air 8 photos
Photo: Alex Choi on YouTube
Tesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the AirTesla Model S Jumping Into the Air
At one point, Choi says he was approached by a Tesla driver who, out of the blue, wanted to show him where David Dobrik jumped his EV. Since this was a friendly encounter and a curious invitation, he accepted. What he didn’t expect was to see this driver attempt a jump in that exact spot with his Tesla Model S.

The YouTuber even says that the driver of the flying (and now totaled) Tesla attempted this on his own, and, moreover, he’s done it without any practice or test run beforehand.

Naturally, a crowd gathers, and everyone starts filming. The driver of the acrobatic Tesla violently accelerates, and the jump instantly became a very violent flying lesson (about 50 feet/15 meters long, as per Choi). The outcome, well… You can see it for yourself. The car was destroyed, and so were a bunch of trash cans. What’s sad is that other innocent owners had their cars damaged as well. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Model S was not even in the driver’s possession, but a rental. Apparently, after he pulled the insane stunt, the driver fled the scene, and the LAPD is looking for him as it’s investigating the incident as a hit and run. At the time of writing, there’s even talk of a $1,000 reward for anyone willing to share more info on who the driver was.

We’ll update the story as soon as more info becomes available. Until then, watch the video and draw your own conclusions, but remember to always stay safe and take care on the road.

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Editor's note: Story was updated to include details that came to light after it was initially published.

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