BRAIN One IMU Brings MotoGP Technology Closer

BRAIN One is a new multi-sensor Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that integrates a lot of sensors into a unit that fits in the palm of your hand. More than just another toy for your bike, BRAIN One offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution to cater for a lot of needs modern riders have.
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Equally suitable on the track and on the road, for sport and dirt bikes alike, BRAIN One also has something pretty much any rider could use, including the cruiser guys or those who would take a go-kart for a crazy spin during the weekend.

The project was started by several enthusiast Italians and uses an open Android platform. People with sufficient programming skills will be able to develop the software further, adding more functionalities or tailoring it to suit particular needs better.

BRAIN One has a 9-axis inertial sensor and can monitor a wide variety of variables, such as speed, cornering, acceleration, braking, g-forces, wheelie angle, and elevation differences. BRAIN One also monitors gear position, trajectory on the track, the external temperature, rpm, heart rate (with accessory devices), and lap times. RPM and gear position are monitored via microphone.

The built-in GPS-GLONASS sensor helps superimpose bike trajectories over track layouts, providing an even better picture of a rider's performance, alongside the strongest and weakest sectors, helping improve reactions and training. GPS alerts in case of a crash are also one of the safety-focused features of the BRAIN One.

Easy mounting and seamless communication capabilities complement a sturdy design

BRAIN One's enclosure is waterproof and shockproof, and it will also withstand dusty and muddy environments. Wireless connectivity through WiFi and Bluetooth makes sure you can access data with ease through dedicated apps, add your comments, and even share it online.

Another cool feature is that BRAIN One can be easily used with multiple bikes. It attaches to the machines using a base plate that remains on the vehicle, and the unit then slides and locks into place, and can even be used on mountain bikes.

With a 4GB memory, the BRAIN One can store a huge amount of data, while the rechargeable battery can last for up to one day of data acquisition. LED lights show the battery level and a single button starts or ends a recording session.

The BRAIN One was available for €199 ($218 initially, but the first early-bird batch is already sold out). You can still get the BRAIN One for a discounted price of €229 ($251). BRAIN One is expected to start shipping from May.


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