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Brad Pitt Brings His BMW Bike to 50,000-Strong George Floyd Protest in LA

It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to keep a low profile when you’re someone as famous as Brad Pitt, but he seems to have found a way in all his years in the spotlight.
Older photo of Brad Pitt on his custom, very rare Indian Larry 9 photos
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Had it not been for his bike, Pitt’s fans might have never found out that, last Sunday, he joined over 50,000 people protesting police brutality, in support of the BLM movement, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Pitt is one of the biggest celebrity motorcycle collectors out there. He also has a couple of planes and a helicopter he got as a present from his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, and a sizable fleet of cars, but his first and biggest love are motorcycles. He once said they allow him to flee the paparazzi at a moment’s notice, and based on the latest report, they also allow him to blend in. Almost completely.

The Daily Mail says Pitt was on his rare BMW bike at the LA George Floyd protest, and they have photos of him at the scene. Had it not been for his outfit and the bike itself, both of which he’d been photographed with just days before the protest, the world would have never known he was there. That’s one way of showing support for the cause without drawing attention to himself, though some would argue that adding his name in the balance would benefit the cause more.

The woman who identified and photographed the actor tells the British tab that he rolled with the protesters, but doesn’t go into the technicalities of that. Admittedly, when he couldn’t ride alongside the bike, he'd drive around the crowd in circles.

“We saw Brad was on his bike not long after the protest started around 4pm,”
she says. “He was on his bike the entire time and was wearing a George Floyd hoodie. He was there for the right reasons, he wasn’t trying to draw attention to himself. He seemed into it and seemed inspired, it was so beautiful of him to be there.’”

Brad wore his crash helmet and his mask at all times, except when speeches were held. Then, he would remove the mask and smile and nod in approval, the woman continues.


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