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Brace Yourselves, a Pink Porsche Boxster Is Coming

We really have no idea why, but the Chinese have begun all of their cars in pink. Is it a lucky colors, or are they just getting something to match their favorite shirts? We'll never know, but it's not something you see everyday.
Pink Porsche Boxster in China 5 photos
Pink Porsche Boxster in ChinaPink Porsche Boxster in ChinaPink Porsche Boxster in ChinaPink Porsche Boxster in China
This Porsche Boxster would have been an otherwise boring car, probably silver or black, but now it's a bright metallic pink roadster with wheels to match.

This is most definitely a wrap, but it's one that's been skillfully applied to the bumpers, the intricate mirrors and that sleek windscreen. Even the chrome bits are now pink.

We don't know who'd ever want a pink sportscar and what for. Maybe the the ladies want to see a what their favorite nail varnish would look like going sideways, or maybe this is a really storage company car.



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