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Bottpower Cafe-Racer New Rendering Surfaces

We informed you a rather long time ago that Bottpower was working on an evil café-racer project based on their savage XR1, Buell-derived machine. Even though the XC1 concept has been in the making for almost 9 months now, it looks like there is still a lot to be explored in this matter, both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. David Sanchez, the mechanical designer and the gus who takes care of the renderings has been kind enough to show us a new version of the concept.
Bottpower XC1 Cafe-Racer v3 7 photos
Bottpower XC1 Cafe-RacerBottpower XC1 Cafe-RacerBottpower XC1 Cafe-RacerBottpower XC1 Cafe-RacerBottpower XC1 Cafe-RacerBottpower XC1 Cafe-Racer
Sanchez declared from the very beginning that he and the Bottpower team will be working on multiple versions of the XC1 café-racer machine, while still keeping it in the “transformers- zone”. That is, these bikes are designed in such a way that that allows a customer to actually transform one into the other, provided the other’s specific parts are at hand.

Now, the third version of the XC1 may be straying from the traditional café-racer path, as some becry, but taking into consideration that it was been derived from the Buell XB12 machine, this should not be a surprise for anyone. Of course, a single rear shock, underbelly exhausts, and a rather Mad Max-ish front cowl might not tell the same old-school racing tale, but the creative approach is impossible to deny.

The tail is also upgraded from the last version, and is now more aggressive with a more futuristic design for the tail light and turn signals, again, a detail which might cause some to frown. The old perimetral brake discs Buell wheels have been replaced in this rendering with traditional wire spoked ones, but David Sanchez mentions that the final bike might see the return of the Buell rims. As for the fuel tank, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder,a nd it's hard to tell which one I liked best. probabaly the first version...

Unfortunately, no arrival date was announced, so I guess we should start hoping for no more renderings in the future, a possible sign that the work on the design of the Bottpower XC1 is finally over. Either way, I believe that this project will look smashing no matter what.


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