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Bosch's New Smart System Is Transforming the Timeless Bicycle Into Something Else Entirely
If there's one team leading the pack in e-bike systems, it's Bosch. Well, they're at it again and in the proces, forever transforming the way we look at electrified cycling.

Bosch's New Smart System Is Transforming the Timeless Bicycle Into Something Else Entirely

Smart System ComponentsPowerTube 750Kiox 300Kiox 300LED RemoteLED RemoteLED RemoteLED RemotePowerTube 750Kiox 300LED RemoteSmart System ComponentsUpdated Performance Line CX Motor
Folks, the year was 1886, and Robert Bosch started a business known as the "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering." Bosch eventually designed a "magneto ignition device" for vehicles, which would become a major stepping stone for this business.

Years down the line, Bosch is now a name that can be found in just about any industry that includes electrical and mechanical engineering. Naturally, it made sense that this crew would stick their fingers into a pie that only looked to be getting bigger and bigger, e-bikes.

Nowadays, Bosch is considered one of the go-to crews for e-bike components and systems. Nearly every major bicycle manufacturer from Trek, Bianchi, Cannondale, KTM, and countless others have shaken hands with Bosch, and for good reasons, as they really know how to stay on top of the game.

Well, this time around I'm not going to talk about a particular bike that you should be keeping an eye on, but rather Bosch as a whole, and the new "smart system" they've unveiled. And maybe even a taste of some other tech this crew is working on.

Now, Bosch's system is supposed to be the ultimate solution to a connected bike and rider experience, featuring new technologies and hardware. One of the most crucial ones is the eBike Flow app. Since your e-bike experience is now linked directly to your phone and all other gear on your bike, Bosch offers the possibility to automatically download new features and updates for your components. You no longer need to head down to your dealership to get a peak riding experience.

But the app is also built for things like recording activities and tracking performance, even syncing with other apps like Apple Health. You can also customize riding modes and have constant access to your bike's status, even making sure it's locked up where you left it (GPS tracking, anti-theft).

From the app, we need to take a quick look at the Kiox 300 controller, but also the freshly introduced LED remote. The Kiox 300 is somewhat similar to other controllers before it, but there's nothing you'll miss with full connectivity. The display provides constant tracking of your systems and sets details within eyesight under optimized readability. The possibility to move it to just about anywhere on the handlebar is also a plus.

As for the LED remote, this little trinket is a bit something else entirely. One thing Bosch sought to do with this feature is make it as easy to use as possible. This was achieved by integrating LED lighting that indicates states your bike may be in or going through. For example, each riding mode is tied to a particular color, so there is no need to check your Kiox or app to see what mode you're in. Nonetheless, the remote is still linked to all other systems on the bike, meaning you can control app functions from here too.

Apps and buttons aside, Bosch also tended to their battery and motor lineup for this setup. Putting it out in front as the basis for the setup, Bosch reveals the updated Performance Line CX motor. This powerhouse of a trinket is the machine that e-bikers will most likely want on their two-wheeled mountain goat. Why? Aside from the 85 Nm (63 lb-ft) of torque this puppy can put out, Bosch also ensures an optimized ride with multiple sensors that always give you the power you need when you need it.

There is a trick up this motor's sleeve too. A new focus on "Sporting Efficiency" now yields different modes based on the type of riding you participate in. Ride far with the Tour+ mode or unleash your electric mountain bike's full potential with the eMTB mode.

Now, all that is bound to need a whole bunch of power. In this spirit, Bosch has also unveiled their most capable flagship battery yet, the PowerTube 750, and yes, as you may have guessed, it boasts a whopping 750 watts of juice. Also, don't fear its size; I have it on good authority that Bosch aims to bring the same level of power you've read about today, or more, but in much smaller packages. There's a more powerful charger in all of this, but it's just a charger; it recharges your battery faster.

At the moment, that's all the novelties I found on the manufacturer's website, but in reality, there's more. Below, I've inserted a video that shows you one final destination we're headed with our beloved bicycle. I want you to take note of things like ABS braking, wireless charging, racing games that can be played on your visor as you descend harrowing trails, even tracking your health status. Did I mention you'll be able to order your coffee from local businesses or schedule meetings with other connected riders?

Yes people, the future is here, and Bosch is making sure they're the ones basically shaping the whole thing. How do you feel about what our timeless bicycle is turning into?

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