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Bosch Gives Us Elevated Cable Cars as the Worlds Next Mobility Solution
Our society is getting more and more crowded. Even as I write this article, I'm in a taxi, sitting in traffic. Just sitting, 100 yards from the light, somewhere in the middle of a really long chain of cars. I feel bad for the folks just now reaching the end of this... vehicular sausage.

Bosch Gives Us Elevated Cable Cars as the Worlds Next Mobility Solution

eRopeway ConcepteRopeway ConcepteRopeway ConceptUrban MobilityUrban MobilityeRopeway Concept
The only devices we have to tackle such congestion are motorcycles, bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other small mobility devices. But, we also have public transport. Then again, how many people really enjoy that? Our current bus system just seems to add to the congestion. We have begun to incorporate metros and trollies, but it still doesn’t seem to be able to cope with our growing numbers.

Things have gotten so bad in fact, that some cities around the world no longer allow certain vehicles to enter, placing a ban on highly polluting cars. Tokyo, for example, will only allow you to purchase a vehicle if you can prove that you have a place to park it. Even India is struggling with over 125 million two-wheelers on their roads.

For this major reason, and a few minor ones, we have been seeing this huge rise in activity in the urban mobility sector, making this the hottest game around right now. So hot, that even Bosch is looking to be the manufacturer that brings us the next urban mobility solution.

You’ve probably had a look in the gallery already and got an idea of what the plan is. As we can see, the Mazda Koshi concept isn’t that farfetched of an idea. Bosch is looking to elevate, literally, the way we do inner city travel, possibly even long-distances. The reason I emphasize literally, is because the entire system is above ground.

What we are actually looking at is a complete restructuring of major cities. If this idea and concept take off, our cities will never look the same. The eRopeway will be seen carrying people all around the city. And because its elevated, traffic jams are no longer an issue for you. The renderings you see in the gallery are completed by Moscow based Art Lebedev for Bosch, but the idea is Bosch brand all the way.

What we can tell about the whole thing is that it is a cable car. But what if you say cable cars are nothing new, I would completely agree. I would even go beyond this and ask you when the last time was that we have seen a redesign of this system. Some cities in the world already incorporate something similar but usually not for this exact purpose.

Now the beauty of this type of system is that because it is elevated, traffic is no longer an issue for us, and secondly the system is autonomous. It can pick up five people from any of the designated platforms and take then to their destinations. Usually, this type of system utilizes an app that will allow you to pick your destination, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

The pods or cars are rather simple. Not much except a structure shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners, and five seats inside. But glass walls offer a complete 360 degree view of the surroundings you’ll be traveling though. To top it all off, WiFi will be available inside.

Now, it may seem like a bold move, and that’s why it’s still a concept. I don’t think that even Bosch has worked all the kinks out of such a system, but that future could be very near.


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