Bollinger Motors Says It Has 10K Reservations for Its Electric Box on Wheels

If you ever came across the Bollinger B1 even for a fraction of a second, then you'll most likely remember the odd SUV/pickup that the New York-based company is working on these days.
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Photo: Bollinger Motors
You could call the design "square," but that would be mean given the two meanings of the word. We like to refer to it as "refreshing." Yes, in a world where every manufacturer tries to make its cars as sleek as possible, Bollinger is that kid with a mohawk sitting in the back of the classroom, chewing gum and listening to punk rock in his headphones.

It's almost as if the designers had an allergy to roundness. You get the feeling the round wheels were a hard sell for the engineers as the designers wanted them rhomboidal or something. Or maybe they simply hadn't heard of this shape and only found out about it in time to do the head and taillights.

Whatever the case, the Bollinger B1 is definitely a beautiful thing to behold. But is it beautiful enough to make you want to place a reservation? Well, that depends on a series of factors, one of which being the vehicle's final price. Which, as far as we know, is a very big mystery.

However, Robert Bollinger, the CEO of Bollinger Motors claims he has received over 10,000 reservations already. To put that into perspective, the Jaguar I-PACE which is the first electric vehicle from a very respectable British company with a long history behind it managed to snatch 25,000 reservations. And that with considerably more publicity and serious help from its network of dealerships. As for design, you'd have to be blind (or a Tesla zealot) to call the I-PACE anything but gorgeous.

The trick here is the definition of the word "reservation." It would seem Bollinger is a little too libertine when using it since all you need to do to place this so-called reservation is give the company a few personal details such as name and e-mail address. No deposit, no other questions asked.

Bollinger said it would start taking $1,000 reservations for its vehicle starting next year, and once those commence, they should give us a more appropriate idea of where the demand for the B1 really stands. It promises 60 and 100 kWh batteries, 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, unmatched off-road capabilities for an EV and a maximum range between 100 and 200 miles (160 and 320 km). Deliveries are supposed to begin in early 2019.

“I can’t believe we’ve reached this number of reservations so quickly," Robert Bollinger said. "The media attention from our reveal in July was amazing and the thousands of emails from fans we keep getting are incredible. I think we really built something unique. A lot of people from all over the US and the world want a tough, capable truck that’s also electric and we can’t wait to start production.”
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