Bollinger Four-Door Electric SUV Is the Electric Defender Land Rover Won't Make

Bollinger four-door SUV design sketch 1 photo
Photo: Bollinger Motors
Let's get this out of the way right from the start: this thing has more angles than a Geometry textbook. It looks like the ideal thing to have around if you can't find anything to open your bottle of beer with.
At the same time, it also seems to be the last thing you'd want to get hit by as a pedestrian this side of a vehicle from the latest Mad Max movie. Your chances of having one unfractured bone in your entire body are almost as high as the number of rounded surfaces on the Bollinger SUV.

That being said, we have a confession to make: we might be in love. With the Land Rover Defender gone and possibly never to return, this thing is as close as it gets to a successor. It even uses aluminum for its body, just like the original British SUV did.

The two-door version called B1 showed in July was also delightfully modular, making the switch from an enclosed SUV to a half-cab pickup truck with relative ease. It had a certain simplicity about it that you just could not ignore - it's like a Golden Retriever: it's dumb, but you love it for it.

With a longer wheelbase (114" or 2,895 mm) and a greater overall length (159" or 4,038 mm), the four-door version is even more spacious at 101 cubic feet (2,860 liters) of space. One of the coolest features of the Bollinger B1 was that generous tunnel that ran the entire length of the car, making a breeze out of carrying timber or even the Christmas tree.

After the first gloomy shots and the dark B1, the four-door SUV sketch is shown in a surprisingly bright orangey-yellow tone, suggesting Bollinger isn't adverse to the use of paint. It definitely makes the SUV a lot less scary, even though that military vehicle feel is still there.

The few technical details communicated so far haven't changed: the larger SUV (B2?) is still coming with two battery pack options of 60 and 100 kWh enabling maximum ranges of 120 and 200 miles respectively (193 and 322 km)

We'll assume it will also keep the same motor configuration, meaning two of them for a combined output of 360 horsepower and 472 pound-feet (640 Nm). 60 mph comes in just 4.5 seconds, but reaching that speed on the road given the kind of tires the Bollinger SUV wears is going to be a noisy affair.

The release date for both the two- and the four-door models is scheduled for February 2019, but the only piece of information still missing is the price. Best case scenario is it won't be cheap, while the worst one says it'll be pricey as hell despite Bollinger's talks of cost reduction and all that.
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