Bollinger Electric SUV Rendering Shows an Interior Worthy of a Frying Pan

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Photo: Bollinger Motors
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Bollinger Motors is the latest in the list of automotive startups you've never heard of. The NYC-based company is run by Robert Bollinger and has been releasing bits and pieces of information on its upcoming electric SUV over the course of this month.
After showing us a puddle reflection of the vehicle's exterior and the completely naked chassis, it has now released a rendering of the EV's interior. Much like the ones before, the image is just as black-and-white and eyebrow-raising as the ones before it.

Not that much is known about the mysterious vehicle so far, but the little that has transpired so far has us wondering who it will be for? It sounds like Bollinger is building a real off-road beast judging by the tires mounted in the chassis photos and the claimed ground clearance of 15.5 inches that can be further adjusted by ten more inches with the help of a self-leveling, 4-wheel independent, hydro-pneumatic suspension.

An off-road electric vehicle of this size makes absolutely no sense, especially since the interior image suggests the SUV isn't exactly going to be on the cheap side. After all, how cheap can an EV built by a small company be?

While the "all-electric full-size truck" doesn't even have an estimated price so far, its creator does speak about cost cutting and efficient manufacturing techniques. These two aspects also explain the boxy, flat-surfaced design of its exterior that we can grasp from the only image available so far.

Bollinger Motors will make its own aluminum panels for further cost reduction and it will use the material on the inside as well. The rendering shows a dashboard that's just as featureless as the exterior appears to be, which a lot of people might find extremely appealing, but others could interpret as lazy designers.

The SUV gets mechanical gauges embedded in the aluminum plate that sits just behind the steering wheel. Apart from a small circular thingy in the center, the dials appear to be the only elements stirring the simplicity of the dashboard. Please also note the side mirrors that wouldn't look out of place on a 50-year-old truck.

All this suggests Bollinger is going for a "hipster mobile" look for its unborn electric SUV, but at the end of the day it all comes down to pricing. If all this extreme simplicity is affordable, then we'll have to apologize and eat our hats; if it's not, then expect to see a lot of them parked in front of the coolest places to hang out in L.A.

Here is Robert Bollinger talking about his creation (via Electrek): “The vehicle’s generous use of aluminum continues into the occupant cabin and is featured along the instrument panel (IP). The IP has four prominent circular gauges including a multi function LED display which signals various vehicle warnings as well as vehicle status and system information; a mechanical speedometer with an odometer inset; a unique mechanical tachometer which displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the drive motors; and a mechanical battery level indicator. All of the gauges have chrome bezels, black backgrounds and white numbering and lettering giving the IP a clean and classic look.”

“I wanted the interior to have an uncomplicated design that was in keeping with the exterior. With simple mechanical gauges and displays, flat dash panels, a tall roof and tons of glass, we want you to look out at nature and not at a huge computer screen in the middle of the dash,”

“The HVAC system employs an industry-first, 3-section, rotating tubular vent system which sits atop the dashboard and runs the length of the windshield. In keeping with the B1’s overall hands-on design directive, occupants roll the tubes to direct airflow either toward themselves, toward the windshield or somewhere in-between, creating an infinitely adjustable climate tool.”
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