Bollinger B2 All Electric Pickup Truck Is the Ultimate Plywood Carrier

Say you need to move exactly 72 sheets of 1/2” plywood on a regular basis. You could go for a traditional means of transportation, with a large truck, or strap the things to the roof of a more conventional car. Or you could choose this crazy thing right here.
Bollinger B2 joins the B1 6 photos
Bollinger B2Bollinger B2Bollinger B2Bollinger B2Bollinger B2
About a year ago, a virtually unknown company by the name of Bollinger presented the B1, an all-electric, boxy SUV-truck thingy inspired by life in the Catskills Mountains. We’re not sure what production status the B1 has at this time, despite the company claiming to have some 20,000 reservations for it.

Now the B2 enters the scene, a pick-up truck inspired by the pedigree and built on the B1 platform.

The machine is a Class 3 work truck with a hauling capacity of 5,000 lbs that uses the same dual motor configuration on the SUV and a 120 kWh battery pack that gives it a troop powerful enough to move logs, let alone plywood (520 hp), and a range of 200 miles (321 km).

The body of the truck Is made of aluminum and shaped in such a way as to retain the boxy look of the B1. Just as with the predecessor, the front end of the B2 has a small opening, creating a continuous loading space that includes the 5’ 9” long bed and the passenger cabin.

In this configuration, and thanks to the fact that the seats in the cabin are separated by a considerable gap, the plywood mentioned above, or any long cargo or material, for that matter, can be passed through the car, from the back and all the way out the front.

Bollinger says the prototype of the B2 will be ready next year when testing will also begin. Reservations for both the B1 and B2 are open, with no deposit needed, as the prices have not yet been set. Actual production of the two will begin in 2020 and at first will only be limited to the American market.


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