Bobcat Survives 50-Mile Trip Stuck in Prius Grille after Being Hit

What is it with big felines and cars today? After a cheetah "drag raced" a Formula E car, now we get this? What's next, a Lion that steals a safari SUV and does donuts with it?
Bobcat stuck inside a Toyota Prius grille 1 photo
Well, no, we're pretty sure it ends here for the day, but what an experience this must have been for the poor bobcat. The wild cat managed to find a comfy enough position inside the lower grille of a Toyota Prius to travel for 50 miles (that's 80 kilometers) before the driver finally reached her destination.

According to her report of the story, she knew she had hit something in Gloucester County, but she didn't stop to check before getting to Richmond, which is 50 miles away. Faced with a live bobcat trapped inside the grille of her Toyota Prius, she alerted the authorities.

Christie Peters, the RACC Director, recalls the text message she got from RACC Officer Barbara Jones on Thursday morning: "I’m on a call with a bobcat stuck in the grill of a car – and he’s still alive. What do I do?" WTVR says the message also included the "crazy eyes" emoji, which I think we can all agree was quite fitting.

The two RACC employees showed up on the scene, but not before getting some supplies from the headquarters. Among other things, Peters brought something to tranquilize the cat, so the extraction could be done safely for everybody.

The bobcat didn't just miraculously survive, but it was actually perfectly fine, apart from a cut on its back. It will be released back into the wild close to the area where the driver said she noticed the collision to resume its bobcat life.

But the real doozy here is how could the Prius driver know she had hit something and not get out of the car to check it? That's almost just as bad as not noticing you hit something. It shows a complete lack of attention and responsibility toward the act of driving that's quite scary. We're sure the bobcat learned his lesson, but has the driver as well?

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