Boats Are Faster than Cars in Russia - Even on Highways

You may think that boats are designed to move through the water as efficiently as possible. Well, in Russia, boats seem to do just as well on the road, as this video demonstrates, when a boat passes a car with a dash-mounted camera.
We really don’t know what caused it, as it happened behind the field of view of the camera, but it must have been pretty strange for the car’s occupants. Another hypothesis is that the boat was being towed behind and it got loose - probably the more plausible alternative. It could also be a new kind of amphibious craft, but that's even less plausible than it being driven by a grey alien.

Thankfully, it caused no injuries and it seems not to have flipped over, and after stopping, it seemed in one piece. It would have been a shame to ruin a perfectly good boat on the highway like that - even in Russia where strange accidents take place all the time.


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