Boating Deal of the Month: Get Your Hands on an Italian Azimut for Less Than a Motorhome

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Most dream of owning a boat or yacht. In this spirit, I've decided to make a habit of finding the best boat deals we can get our hands on. Today's option, and the first of many, is Boat. It's nearly 69 feet of speed, Italian style, and boasts a price tag sitting lower than the cost of some motorhomes.
Folks, after searching the world for some of the most amazing yachts and superyachts, it dawned on me that people like you and me probably don't have millions of dollars to spend on a personal floating haven.

Luckily, our friends over at Northrop & Johnson have sent me some news of what sparked an entirely new class of articles for me: the best boating and yachting deal we can get our hands on right now. I'm talking about the hunk of Azimut that we see in the gallery, and just so we're on the same page, it's been dubbed Boat.

However, the real question is, why should we care at all about this "for sale" vessel? Well, there are countless reasons, starting with prices, the manufacturer behind this dream, and its capabilities.

Regarding price and the main reason why I chose to bring this machine to light, this 2011-born Azimut is currently selling for an easy $845K (€775K at current exchange rates), and if you keep up with the news on our website, you know that this is less than some motorhomes.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Thinking that $845K is outside of your budget? Don't, because the Boat can accommodate up to six guests. That's 845 divided by six, giving us a total of around $140K per person. Treat it like a timeshare, and during the off-season, rent it out to anyone interested.

I mentioned the Boat was born back in 2011 and crafted by the folks over at Azimut, and if this name sounds familiar, it's because the world is very aware of how Azimut likes to roll. After all, this crew has been busy manufacturing yachts since 1969 and today, is responsible for some of the world's most luxurious vessels.

As for the Boat, it's a 68S, one of the models that is considered a sports model, coming in with a narrow hull, wide and bulbous bow, and flat and wide rear. The result, once coupled with two MTU engines, is a ship that can have you and your friends blasting around at speeds upwards of 36 knots (41 mph), even cruising at 26 knots (30 mph).

Now, to understand a bit more about what to expect from the Boat, let's take a quick daydream and place yourself in the center of it all; picture yourself in the possession of this ship and floating around near some coastline.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Upon boarding the Boat, you'll find yourself at the rear, where a beach club is waiting for you and your guests. However, this is also the place to soak up some sun and take a dip in the local waters whenever the weather permits.

From here, we take a few steps and find ourselves on the main deck. Here, we have several options as to what we can do. Some of us may already be dressed to lounge around in the sun - the sunbed at the bow is the place for that - while some of us are still wearing our inaugural dress code.

If you're part of the latter, shake hands with your captain, maybe you're the one, grab a drink, and lounge around for a bit in the space designed by none other than Stefano Righini, one of the industry's top-shelf designers. Enjoy the view, talk to other guests you may have invited, and hang on tight.

However, if you wish to join the rest of the crew in getting your tan on, you'll have to pass the cockpit, head downstairs with your change of clothes, and find your cabin. It can only be one of three, so you won't have to search for very long.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Regarding the downstairs layout, one room is completed with nothing more than a set of twin beds, another includes a double bed with a walk-around stuffed into the bow of the Boat, while a third, and by the looks of it, also the largest, is fit with a double bed, a workspace, ensuite bathroom, and a view outside.

Personally, I'm not all for this particular darkened decor, but with a little bit of attention and cash, you can easily change things around and brighten the place up a bit. Maybe you want to modify the galley space, add some solar panels, or bring along some toys.

Speaking of toys, as small as this ship may come across, it still has a tender and toy garage. You may have noticed it upon boarding the Boat and just didn't realize it, but there's a hatch in the backdrop of the beach club, and believe it or not, there's space for your aquatic toys. Did I mention the hydraulic swimming platform?

Put it all together, bring along five of your best friends, wrap everyone up in Italian design and living, and get ready to punch it around at speeds upwards of 36 knots, all for $845K if, and only if, you don't negotiate that rate in any way. Looking for a ship to call your own? This may be it!
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