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BMX-Style Zooz Urban Ultralight Is Touted as the Sports Car of Electric Bikes

The Urban Ultralight from Zooz is not your average-looking electric bike. With a patented seat design, powerful motors, and a retro, BMX-inspired look, this is the sports car of e-bikes. At least according to its manufacturer.
Zooz Urban Ultralight E-Bike 6 photos
Zooz Urban Ultralight e-bikeZooz Urban Ultralight e-bikeZooz Urban Ultralight e-bikeZooz Urban Ultralight e-bikeZooz Urban Ultralight e-bike
Two words come to mind when you first look at a Zooz Urban Ultralight: simplicity, as this bike has a minimalist design, and hip, as this is one cool-looking two-wheeler.

The Urban Ultralight (UU) is the creation of the Chicago-based company Zooz and is now being sold all over the world, from New York to Paris, Tokyo, London, Paris, to name just a few places where this wheeler is popular. It is available in three versions: UU 250, UU 700, and UU 1100, depending on the wattage of the drive system you want to go with.

Made from a premium alloy (4130 Chromoly Steel) that is both solid and light, the bike comes with a long, comfortable seat that hides most of the electronics underneath it. It offers enough space for two people.

Zooz claims it designed the bike to deliver effortless rides. The lightest version in the lineup is the UU 250 (total weight of 44 lb/20 kg), with a load capacity of 200 lb (90 kg). It comes with a 36V gear motor with a rated power of 250W (500W peak power) and it packs a 16Ah battery. You get a range between 25 to 40 miles (40 to 64 km) and a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph). The charging time of the battery is around four hours.

At the other end, you’ve got the UU 1100, with a 52V direct-drive motor with a rated power of 750W (1600 W peak power) and a battery of 19.2Ah. You get a range between 33 and 40 miles (53 to 64 km). The load capacity is 300 lb (136 kg).

All three bikes come with a cadence sensor, hydraulic brakes, and a throttle.

The Zooz Urban Ultralight starts at $2,100 if you opt for the 250 version and goes as high as $3,100 for the UU 1100 model.

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