BMX Rider Takes the Meaning of "Freeway" the Wrong Way

As tedious as driving on the freeway might be, this is not the kind of excitement anybody's after. Well, that's mostly because it's only really exciting for one person while for the others it's making the daily commute take even longer.
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Our man is riding his motorcycle, minding his business, staying in line and acting like a responsible human being engaged in the act of driving a vehicle on the highway. He could be lane splitting as the traffic is rather slow, but for whatever reason, he decides not to. He probably thought that since only one lane is actually slow, there might be some accident, road block or something else hindering their advancement, so he'd better sit tight and wait.

As the source of this impromptu traffic jam is getting closer, he can hardly believe his eyes. I can almost imagine him squinting in the sunny day just to make sure what he sees is really there. If you're the type who has a problem with cyclists on road, you'd better look away, as this might send you into an uncontrolled rage the next time you see one, even though he or she might be riding their bike exemplary.

This situation reminded me of a joke about a woman who is at home early in the morning and she overhears the news. The anchor talks about a crazy driver on the highway who is going the wrong way in the busy traffic. Knowing her husband drives there on the way to work, she decides to call him. "Honey, be careful, there's a mad guy going the wrong way on the highway you're on," she tells him. "Ha! One, you say? THERE ARE THOUSANDS!" comes his answer.

That's what this guy riding his BMX bike on the highway must have thought. The only excuse he can possibly have is that he had just teleported in from England and he's slow to catch up on things. Things like which side of the road he should be riding on. Well, since this looks like a freeway (or at least a regular highway), the answer to that would be "none," but out of the two choices, one is still better than the other. And even though he had 50/50 chances, he failed to take it.

The motorcycle rider tries to wave him off the road, but he looks like he couldn't care less. I'm sure he would have liked to punch him in the face with those motorcycle gloves, but he's better than that. Somebody should have called 911, but we've seen what the police does when confronted with something amiss on the highway: they just take the next exit.

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