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BMW Z8 Sold for $192,500 at Detroit Auction, Sets New Record

We told you a while back that cars are not always a money pit. Sometimes they could prove to be a better investment than gold, such as the E30 M3 models that showed a greater increase in value over the last years compared to the valuable metal.
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It seems like that wasn’t an isolated case. At a recent auction held in Detroit, a 2001 BMW Z8 was just sold for $192,500 which is a new world record. That’s because according to Sports Car Market, the previous most expensive Z8 ever sold was bought for $184,082 this year at Silverstone.

The new record holder has less than 15,500 miles on the clock and it was flown in from Europe. So what did the customer actually purchase?

The Z8 is a rare car. Designed by none other than legendary Henrik Fisker, only 5,703 units were ever made. Shrink that number to 2,543 if you’re talking about the cars that were imported into the US officially and you get an idea of how rare this thing actually is.

And then there’s the mechanical part. Under its bonnet lies the same engine used on the iconic BMW E39 M5, one of my personal favorites. It’s a 4.9-liter V8 that makes 400 HP, plenty for a two-seat roadster.

If we’re to think about the price tag these cars initially had in the US which was $128,000 back in the day, you’ll soon realize that, instead of depreciating, the Z8 actually gained about 50% in value over the course of 14 years. That’s not bad actually.

On a different note, the exact same price tag was achieved for a 1988 Lamborghini LM002 fitted with the highly-sought after carbureted engine. This was actually one of the initial 301 units Lamborghini ever made of their first SUV ever. The appreciation, in this case, was nearly the same as the LM002 used to be sold for around $120,000 back when it was new.

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