BMW Z8 Prices Are Going Through the Roof

BMW Z8 1 photo
Photo: BMW
We don’t usually spend too much time looking for used cars on eBay but when we do, we realize what expensive taste we have and that we really can’t afford all the things we’d like to own.
Take the BMW Z8 for example. A recent search on eBay showed us that, unless you have at least $150,000 lying around, you can’t really own one. That’s right people, 150k for a used, 13-year old car. While at first that’s what you’d think about the Z8, taking a closer look will explain this high price tag that goes up to £134,995 ($227,000) in Europe.

The Z8 was and is still regarded as an iconic model in BMW’s history. Codenamed E52, it was available only as a roadster and was considered the spiritual successor of the 507 Roadster, another beautiful (expensive) car to come out of Munich.

Initially, BMW didn’t even plan on building this car but the overenthusiastic reaction of crowds to the concept convinced them to actually manufacture it and then sell it to those that could afford it.

Few people actually know that it was designed by none other by Henrik Fisker, the founder of the now officially bankrupt Fisker brand that wanted to build electric vehicles. Another man involved in the way it looked was Chris Bangle. Albeit, he only worked on the interior.

Since it was released in 1999, to celebrate the new millennium, it was contemporary to the epic BMW E39 M5 that used a good old fashioned 4.9-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine that used to make around 400 HP and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque from down low, at 3,800 RPM.

With such a beautiful engine at its side and a manual 5-speed 6-speed gearbox, the Z8 was a joy to drive, especially with the top down. Alpina got involved in the mix too and, just before the car went out of production, released their own model.

It was called Alpina V8 Roadster and it was available with an automatic gearbox as well as a detuned engine that, despite having the same architecture, used to make 375 HP and 520 Nm (383 lb-ft) of torque.

One of the biggest reasons why Z8s are so expensive right now is that there were only 5,703 ever built and even fewer made it across the Atlantic.

However, unlike other cars where only the rarity of the thing makes it extremely desirable and expensive, this model is also a joy to drive and looks just as modern and up to date today as it did back in the previous century.

So, if the curves of the Z8 got you sweating and you really can’t sleep at night, wishing you could own one, the price you’ll have to pay starts at around $150,000. Can you handle it?
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