BMW Z5 Rendered, Looks Close to the Real Deal

In a rather interesting new post, usual whistleblower Scott26 who seems to be well tapped into the BMW headquarters in Munich, posted a new rendering that, he claims, looks really close to the production version an upcoming 'Z6' model that is basically a coupe version of the Z5 Roadster.
BMW Z6 Rendering 3 photos
BMW Z4 RenderingBMW Z4 Rendering
That’s right, BMW is working on a new range of Z models that would allow customers to have a wider choice in between them and get a car that fits their needs better. Considering the recent offensive in all sorts of new niches and segments the Germans have gone through, such a move would make sense, especially since the Z4 is a badly overlooked car.

The new Zs will be using the platform developed in conjunction with Toyota, that will be making its future Supra model on it as well, bringing a rather exciting end to a partnership that expanded over a quite generous amount of time.

There are a number of directions in which BMW is rumored to go in the near future. We already saw a 2 Series mule out testing a Z3 platform underneath it, one that showed a smaller wheelbase and a lower roof of what we think will be a new, smaller model in the range.

Basically, the Bavarians will offer both a Z5 and Z3 but they will keep in touch with the recent naming scheme employed. That means these two will be convertible models while the Z2 and Z6 will be coupes that are supposed to be lighter on their feet and, therefore, even better to drive.

In their construction, BMW will be using all their latest technologies, including CFRP by the handful and other lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium. The engines will be part of the B family, ranging from 3-cylinder 1.5-liter ones to 3-liter 6-cylinder inline turbocharged plants that are capable of well over 400 HP.

That bring us to the rumor that the Coupe version of the Z5 could be aiming more directly at Porsche, looking to take on the legendary company that is still heralded as a reference point in handling and driving feel. With a weight of under 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs) and around 500 HP we could see this rumored model (if the M division steps in as well, of course) as a really interesting choice.

Furthermore, considering that Toyota has some hybrid know-how to offer, we could envision a future in which the Z5 and Z6 and whatever other new car BMW wants to offer under the Z moniker use both petrol and electric motors.

In this case, the approach would be different, going for a smaller internal combustion engine (1.5- or 2-liter) that would be synchronized to an electric motor with the total power output being closer to what a 3-liter unit would be capable of. Of course, this would have considerably lower CO2 emissions and better mpg all around.
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