BMW Z4 Has Ridiculous Nurburgring Crash Due to Failed Carousel Exit

Whether you like to call it by its original "Karussell" designation or go for the Carousel most English speakers use, this Nurburgring corner requires you to dial the driving focus up to eleven.
BMW Z4 Has Ridiculous Nurburgring Crash 5 photos
BMW Z4 Ridiculous Nurburgring CrashBMW Z4 Ridiculous Nurburgring CrashBMW Z4 Ridiculous Nurburgring CrashBMW Z4 Ridiculous Nurburgring Crash
Carousel crashes are not as often as, say, Adenauer Forst mistakes, but that doesn't mean such accidents don't exist. In fact, we're here to show you what happens when a driver chooses a... undecided line through the banked left-hander.

As you'll be able to see in the piece of footage below, a BMW driver that recently attended a Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) event didn't manhandle his Z4 properly, which led to the sportscar getting damaged.

While the proper way of tackling this corner is to use the concrete section on its inner side, certain inexperienced drivers steer clear of the bumpy section, going for a wide approach.

As we mentioned above, the BMW man couldn't seem to make up his mind, allowing the car to step from the inner side of the bend to the outside as the Bimmer was exiting the curve. This caused the machine to catch some air, with the landing sending the car into an uncontrolled slide.

The guy behind the wheel tried to bring the BMW back in line and while he didn't panic and step on the brakes, it was still too late - ironically, it looks like a few more inches of spare room on the side of the track would've spared this Z4 of the barrier crash that left marks on its left side.

Those of you who are in a hurry will be thrilled to know that the accident action takes place in the first part of the 5:36 clip, but you should know the rest of the footage also offers attention-worthy moments, be they related to cars or bikes.

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