BMW Z4 Ad Banned in Australia

Now why would Australia’s advertising watchdog outlaw the ad for the BMW convertible, when it’s all about showing how a giant artwork is created by driving with painted tires? So the vehicles are spinning and skidding... That is no reason to accuse it of encouraging to break the Australian road rule laws.

However, the ‘Expression of Joy’ clip, which has been used around the world, was banned because it "would encourage car hoons to spin and burn their tires," as one viewer told the Advertising Standards Bureau.

"The board noted that the advertisement does depict in a number of places the driver intentionally allowing the wheels of the car to lose traction and perform . . . a four-wheel drift,"
the bureau's judgment said.

We don’t see any illegal driving, since it’s all done in a studio, with the car only spinning around slow in order to paint the surface underneath and create a work of art. We have to agree with and say there are many other commercials far more questionable than this one.

BMW also had something to say on this decision, and replied that it is all about art, not breaking driving rules. "We believe the audience can distinguish between fantasy and reality," a statement from BMW to the board said.

BMW spokesman Toni Andreevski said the company accepted the decision but believed it could have successfully appealed. "It is a bit of a case of a piece of art and the freedom of art being thwarted by Victoria's anti-hoon laws. It is a shame that artistic expression would be caught by a quirk in the legislation. Safety is important to us, and we have agreed not to appeal," he said.
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