BMW Z2 Rumored to Become Reality in 2017

With BMW testing the UKL platform more and more, in its various iterations, the internet is going crazy yet again, with rumors about a new car from Bavaria, one that will also be front-wheel-drive.
BMW Z2 Rendering 1 photo
Photo: Automedia
Rumors about a smaller version of the Z4 have been going around since 2011 but up until now, nothing was actually confirmed in any way by the Germans. Sure, some claimed that the current roadster will be put out of production, following the slow sales but that was all hearsay.

However, a Z2 could come out to play in 2017, according to various sources online. The reasons behind such a decision are pretty obvious: making a smaller, lighter car has been a demand of the customers for quite a while. But how would a possible Z2 fit the profile?

Well, using the UKL platform will drive the costs down, by quite a lot too. The new roadster would share the underpinnings with the new MINI range, including the Convertible models, with the 2 Series Active Tourer and the upcoming X1. It looks like a stretch, but all those cars will use the same platform.

If the early reviews of the new MINI are to be believed (and we drove it too), the chassis will be pretty good, well balanced and agile, especially for a front-wheel-drive. If the engine-gearbox mix will not be a failure, a front-wheel-drive Z2 wouldn’t be the worst handling roadster in the world.

Furthermore, with the carbon fibre production expanding and CFRP being used more and more in car bodies, the weight of the drop-top (that would be using a soft-top option, most likely) could be somewhere in the vicinity of 2,500 lbs (1,200 kg) which would make the car really enjoyable.

On final issue we should point out is that the pricing strategy might be a little different, bringing new customers to the brand. The Z4 isn’t the cheapest drop-top around and, even though it drives great and has a hard-top, it’s still not justifying its price tag starting around $50,000 in the US and €33,950 in Germany.

If the Z2 would come in somewhere around $30,000-$40,000, in 2017, it would be a top seller, bringing new customers and a new demographic to the brand from the get go. Of course, first, BMW has to make up its mind. Hopefully, we’ll be surprised with a set of spyshots of the new car, just like we were with the M2. Keep your fingers crossed!
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