BMW XM SuperVan Looks Angry Because It's Not Even a Six-Door Cab Forward CGI?

Not long ago, BMW topped its M GmbH’s 50th anniversary with the division’s second-only exclusive vehicle. And unlike the timeless M1, the all-new, first-ever XM is a bit confusing.
BMW XM Cab Forward SuperVan rendering by superrenderscars 13 photos
Photo: superrenderscars / Instagram
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Well, that is, to put it mildly, from mannered persons, as other folks will have much stronger feelings towards its design. However, both the ‘regular’ 653-hp version, as well as the 735-hp Label Red, will probably sell like hotcakes because it seems that mall crawlers are best served these days outrageously.

Anyway, what we wanted to point out is that BMW’s take on the XM moniker (there is also a quirky Citroen variant that lived as a five-door liftback with hydropneumatic suspension between 1989 and 2000) will not leave anyone emotionless. And that, of course, includes the imaginative realm of virtual automotive artists.

There have been quite a few XM redesigns so far – and more are still coming – covering wide areas and ideas from the traditional ‘fix-it’ (if you can) to potential tuning makeovers. However, the pixel master only known as superrenderscars on social media has decided now is the perfect time to continue to explore the thought of cab-forward minivans and naturally produced his reimagined BMW XM Van!

This CGI expert has quite the experience when dealing with both vehicles from BMW in general and with super vans in particular. But his take on the BMW XM Van trope is looking quite angry, in general. Maybe it is the company’s fault for allowing its designers to run rampant on that front end, or perhaps it’s the sudden relocation of the windshield so close to the angry snot (ups, did we just slip a piggy pun?).

Then, perhaps, it is simply the fact that although it looks humongous and comfortable for six to 12 people, it does not even get another pair of doors to potentially earn the bragging rights about turning into the cab forward equivalent of a six-door limousine!

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of 2023 BMW XM.

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