BMW XM Drops SUV Pretenses, Turns M1 Heir Proud of Two-Door Supercar Legacy

2022, at least for blue-white automotive enthusiasts, is the year of “We Are M.” And this is simply because BMW is celebrating no less than 50 years of M GmbH in all sorts of novel ways.
BMW XM two-door coupe rendering by andras.s.veres 18 photos
Photo: andras.s.veres / Instagram
BMW XM two-door coupe rendering by andras.s.veresBMW XM two-door coupe rendering by andras.s.veresBMW XM two-door coupe rendering by andras.s.veresBMW XM two-door coupe rendering by andras.s.veresBMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1BMW M1
The anniversary special series of the BMW M3 and M4 were fully expected and thus completely unsurprising. But the way these Bavarian designers treat M’s roster – at either end of the spectrum – was not the coolest surprise a diehard enthusiast would easily love or even cope with.

Just look at the flagship BMW XM, the M GmbH division’s second-only exclusive model, and move past the cool PHEV credentials or the absolute ICE-best 735-hp Label Red. The way this high-performance SUV looks is definitely something to behold, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Plus, who knows if it will stand the test of time and become ageless?

The same can be said about the new base option, the second-generation (G87) 2023 BMW M2, which has 453 hp, a six-speed manual, and RWD – but also an exceedingly angular design that seems carved out of Minecraft. Some fans might even say the M1 is now rolling in its grave while crying its outrage. But what if that was not the case and instead it got the proper heir so it could be proud of the supercar heritage?

Well, there is a solution for that, albeit only digitally. Here is Germany-based virtual artist Andras Veres, better known as andras.s.veres on social media, who decides to take a major CGI swing at BMW’s XM and also teach the all-new M2 how the sports car trope is properly done. Thus, meet the 2023 BMW XM of his dreams, a racked two-door coupe that keeps the polarizing big nostrils (sorry, I meant the kidney grille) and skinny headlights but still follow the M1 ethos.

Frankly, it might not be all too subtle or even elegant, but at least it seems to hint at the possibility of a mid-engine powertrain…

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of BMW M1.

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