BMW X4 Pickup Truck Is the M2's Redneck Cousin

You've heard of the Stig's redneck cousin, but do you know what's his favorite track car? Sure, the Ford Raptor is going to be awesome, but if you're going to buy a performance truck with a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, you might as well go to the best.
BMW X4 Pickup Truck Is the M2's Redneck Cousin 3 photos
BMW X4 Pickup Truck Is the M2's Redneck CousinBMW X4 Pickup Truck Is the M2's Redneck Cousin
Inline-6 engines define the German car brand, and since around the time of the E90, the turbo versions have been awesome as well. However, there's an American side to the brand.

We are talking about all the SUVs they make at the factory in Spartanburg, and the X4 in particular. While the baby Sports Activity Coupe hasn't got an M version, it does have an M Performance one that's equipped with roughly the same engine as the M2 performance coupe.

The X4 looks just like the X3 to most people. However, those who have driven it will attest to the unique driving sensations it offers. You sit lower down in a crossover that hugs the road. Because it doesn't have mechanical diffs, the shenanigans aren't quite on the same level as the early X3 models, but you can still have a little fun. No wonder the American Stig likes it.

Unfortunately, there's no place to put the chainsaw in the back, which is why Theophilus Chin designed a sports truck based on the X4 M40i. You've got to love the combination of the dual exhaust system, M Sport package, and truck bed.

As silly as this thing looks, there are people who want one. Unless we're mistaken, Hyundai has already approved the development of the Santa Cruz concept truck from 2015. And do you remember all those Range Rover pickup renderings? Well, German tuner Startech has built several of them, mainly for the Chinese market.


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