BMW X1 M Could Be Possible in the Future

Even though the upcoming BMW F48 X1 will be based on the UKL platform and will migrate to a front-wheel-drive architecture, the Germans are not ruling out an M version.
BMW E84 X1 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Present at the recent launch of the new M3 and M4 models in New Zealand, BMW’s M Performance Sales Boss, Jorg Bartels, refused to discuss any future product plans but hinted at the possibility of an X1 M: “I will say again what the boss of BMW M has stated in the past – all BMWs are eligible for an M model,” he said for Car Advice.

Furthermore, he said that what Mercedes-Benz and Audi are doing in this segment could be the tipping point in one way or another. If that’s true then we’ll get to see an X1 M.

That’s because Audi is already offering the so-called RS Q3 and Mercedes Benz has the GLA45 AMG in this segment, the only manufacturer from the usual German trio that’s missing here, being BMW.

That’s justifiable though. Whereas the GLA is a new model on the scene of compact crossovers, the X1 is now 5 years old. It’s using an old platform and developing an M version wouldn’t be feasible at this point.

It’s not the case with the new model though. As it is being developed from the ground up, the engineers could make it so that it supports a certain amount of power and can provide the usual BMW driving experience.

Even with the front-wheel-drive setup, not everything is lost. After all, the X1 will be offered with xDrive too and the rumors are saying that we’re in for an M5 with all-wheel-drive in the next few years. Maybe the crossover will be used as a test mule for the future M5 and will be doing so with the xDrive on board.

Furthermore, we have the X5 M and X6 M models that proved fusing the M letter with xDrive is possible. The new variants are due this year and they are supposed to be spectacular.

The question that remains is, what will power such a car? The Audi has 310 HP while the GLA is pushing 360 HP at the wheels. That means the BMW should have somewhere between 350 and 380 HP. Those numbers are exactly the same as on the rumored M2.

However, the RS Q3 and GLA45 AMG use smaller engines (the Audi has a 2.5-liter while the Merc a 2-liter) and the X1 should follow suit. That would mean that a 2-liter turbocharged unit making in excess of 300 HP would have to be developed. With the Motorsport division in its corner, BMW shouldn’t have a problem here. Either way, if this is to come to life, it will somewhere in 2017.
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