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BMW Will Supply Powertrain Components to Karma Automotive

Fisker Automotive is born (2007). Fisker claims to be Tesla Motors’ direct competitor. Fisker goes bankrupt (2013). Chinese auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang buys the company (2014) and then announces a re-launch of the carmaker. Wanxiang partners up with BMW. Things get serious.
BMW Will Supply Powertrain Components to Karma Automotive 1 photo
These people don’t waste any time. The other day, it was reported the company behind Faraday Future - a California-based start-up that announced they would invest $1 billion in a new electric vehicle manufacturer - was a Chinese entertainment giant. Now, another company headquartered in the communist country has announced it’s sealing a deal with BMW.

Nowadays, it’s called Karma Automotive, but the name is of little importance this time around. It’s the other name some may be concerned about, considering it’s well known that the German automaker has its prestige to stand up to, especially in the light of Volkswagen’s massive emission cheat scandal.

BMW will supply Karma Automotive with their latest powertrain components, including high voltage battery charging systems and a wide range of hybrid and EV systems. One needs not an automotive engineering degree to understand what this partnership means. You should expect Fisker (which reads Karma) to hit the road soon.

How soon is soon? Well, the Chinese company will integrate the first BMW components into its plug-in hybrid flagship vehicle, which is scheduled to re-launch next year. That’s just the first step, though, as the next generation of vehicles already in development will utilize more of BMW’s powertrain technology.

"The Wanxiang Group is giving Karma Automotive the opportunity to bring a stunning car back to the market, and the partnership with BMW and their outstanding track record is an excellent fit for the future," said Karma's CEO Tom Corcoran. "We will continue to develop beautiful cars with the latest cutting edge hybrid and EV technology."

The Wanxiang Group may own Karma Automotive, but it’s a California-based car company of luxury hybrid plug-in vehicles. In other words, primary school math shows that Tesla Motors is about to get not one but two major competitors.


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