BMW Will Actively Shame Drivers With Expired Warranties Using Billboards

For the second time in as many months, BMW seems to be displaying a complete disregard and lack of consideration for its clients. This time, the carmaker will be naming and shaming drivers with expired warranties.
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The campaign will be implemented in the UK only, for the time being, as part of a move to drive up warranty sales. BMW Financial Services and Allianz Partners UK have devised it, saying in a statement that drivers of BMWs lacking insurance will be called out in traffic for it by means of interactive billboards, Motoring Research reports.

The billboard signs will be using Vehicle Detection Technology, reading plates and running registration numbers to check if the BMW driver has a valid warranty. If that’s not the case, “highly personalized, real time content” will be shown on the screen, along with a message that the vehicle is not covered for the cost of repairs, so the driver should “consider purchasing a BMW Insured warranty online.”

If this feels very Big Brother-like to you, fret not, you’re not the only one. To assuage privacy invasion claims, BMW says that the billboards won’t use or store any personal data and that only the driver in question will know who the billboard is referring to. Hilariously, BMW also makes it sound like this is the type of content BMW owners actually expect.

Because who doesn’t dream of being publicly shamed, even if it’s on a highway or major road, while he or she is sitting in the car waiting for the light to change.

“Our customers expect an elevated level of customer service and personalized digital marketing is just one way in which we can engage with them at this expected level,” Steve Cann from BMW Financial Services explains. “Tailored billboard messaging is a unique way of engaging with BMW owners outside of their homes that we hope will leave a memorable impression.”

Liz Grindell, head of warranty at Allianz Partners UK, says about the same, with an extra touch of feigned concern for potential customers. “[This] is an exciting opportunity to reach prospective customers on the move, during a time when physical interaction is restricted,” Grindell explains.

These shaming billboards are already being rolled out in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Newcastle, so if you’re a BMW owner and know your warranty is up, maybe stay clear of these areas until you get your chance to renew it. Or face being called in front of the classroom to be told how much you suck.
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