BMW Wants to Teach Your Kid How to Build a Car, Will Open Workshop at Frankfurt Motor Show

Let’s face it, what is happiness if don't have anybody to share it with? In this case, joy comes from the love we all experience for cars while the sharing part comes in the form of lectures through which kids and teens experience automotive engineering.
BMW Wants to Teach Your Kid How to Build a Car, Will Open Workshop at Frankfurt Motor Show 1 photo
We’ve seen automakers hinting at kids before in numerous occasions. Whether or not that is the right thing to do - using youngsters to sell you merchandise - is a matter of ethics, so we’re not going to discuss that right now. However, as opposed to those cheap advertorials in which a seven-year-old boy sees a new car and tells his dad it’s what he wants, at least BMW is trying to teach them something.

Well, that is what the Germans claim they do with their Group’s Mobile Junior Campus. The pop-up facility will be present at the IAA International Motor Show, from September 19 through 27, and will offer free workshops for schoolchildren aged 11 to 14. The motto is “Mission Mobility: Develop. Build. Test.” and is pretty much what it says: kids will learn how car making works.

With up to three sessions per day held in the outdoor area next to Hall 11 North, participants can experience sustainability, technology and design hands-on as they build their own go-kart. Where were these people when we were growing up, right?

Nevertheless, the workshops are real and will last no more than three hours. The future BMW buyer (because that is what the Germans are after, obviously) will first be taught theoretical principles of vehicle construction, a subject matter presented in an age-appropriate way by trained educators.

BMW claims that mini-you will learn about different requirements, from city car to off-road vehicle and even the auto of the future. They will also learn that finding a sustainable way to car engineering is an essential aspect, as they will use individual parts from old BMW vehicles. You know what the coolest part is? Once the go-karts are up and running, kids will get the chance to try it out on the test track.

Now, that’s how you do proper marketing.


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