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BMW Wants Fifth Consecutive Record-Breaking Year in 2015 Thanks to 15 New Models

BMW managed to reach the 2 million mark this year and kept its promise to its investors, posting the fourth consecutive record-breaking year in terms of sales. However, that’s not enough and the board of management wants to sell even more cars in 2015.
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At the meeting held in Munich where big wigs discussed the results recorded in 2014 and the plans for the current year, a couple of daring statements were made, once again.

As it turns out, BMW wants another record-breaking run this time and also revealed how they plan to achieve it: 15 new models. That’s right, we’ll be seeing 15 new cars from the Bavarians this year, but we can’t even start to count them right now.

We know for sure that the 1 Series facelift will be launched, alongside the new 7 Series, new X1 and new 3 Series facelift and a couple of new hybrids but as for other models, we couldn’t tell you for sure. We can guess though and our sources claim that the new M2 will also be brought into the spotlight later this year and that model is supposed to sell like hot cakes in a couple of months.

It all seems like fun and games but the three luxury companies from Germany are taking these numbers seriously. BMW held the crown in the segment for the last 9 years, going on ten and Audi and Mercedes-Benz are really trying to catch up.

In recent years, the gap has diminished to just over 70,000 units between BMW and runner up, Audi but the Ingolstadt-based company is determined to catch up. In this regard they just announced a plan to invest €24 billion ($28 billion) in new technology to steal the crown from BMW by 2020. On top of that, Mercedes is also rising silently but surely, being the fastest grower of the three with an increase in sales of 13 percent last year.

The winning bet seem to be cheap small sedans at the moment. Audi has the A3 Sedan that is really popular especially in the US while Mercedes-Benz has the CLA-Class model. Both of them are front-wheel drive and offer something BMW doesn’t have at the moment.

That’s all about to change however, with the introduction of the upcoming 1 Series that will be front-wheel drive and offered in a sedan package as well. The problem is, we’re still 3 years away from seeing it come to fruition.

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