BMW Uses Statistics to Show You How Fast the World Is Changing

Just as we pointed out a while back, on our EfficientDynamics story, the world is changing at an ever faster pace these days. The population is growing and our resources and depleting.
BMW Commercial 1 photo
Innovative solutions were needed and major automakers are still looking for the perfect alternative to fossil fuel. One of the most advanced cars on the road today is the i3.

The car BMW developed from the ground up as an all-electric vehicle is being built and run on completely renewable energy, excepting the case of the models fitted with range extenders.

From the manufacturing process of the carbon fibre that turns into CFRP, to the assembly lines and the materials used inside the car, everything on the i3 says 'eco-friendly'. Even the driving modes make you want to save energy.

That's what BMW is trying to make people aware of and their latest video makes a pretty good argument, pointing out interesting statistics about the world's population and megacities. It's 3 minutes long, but really worth to watch, no matter if you can afford the i3 or not.


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