BMW Used the Help of a Professional Scent Maker for the Smell Inside the 2016 7 Series

When it comes to things various nations are known to be good at, various stereotypes start showing up. For example, the Germans are known for their engineering skills while the French are excellent at fashion and perfumes. Well, that’s probably why we felt awkward watching the film below.
Annabelle Coffinet 1 photo
It follows the story of Annabelle, the French professional scent maker that was behind the smell inside the new BMW 7 Series, a collaboration that took both the company and herself by surprise.

Being passionate about the smell of various things ever since she was little, Annabelle wasn’t afraid to follow her passion and become a professional in this field. Later on, as she grew up and became more and more concentrated on her work, new opportunities started showing up.

In a daring move, she applied for a job at BMW and as the twist of faith would have it, the Germans were actually looking for someone like her for their new flagship.

Therefore, she joined the team developing the 2016 7 Series and was put in charge of the smell department. She then created 8 different scents that can be split into two big categories: Blue Suite and Green suite, respectively Golden Suite and Authentic Suite. In total, there are eight fragrances to choose from, all of them unisex.

From the looks of things, Annabelle seems extremely passionate about her work and we’re pretty sure this will show onboard the new 7 Series. Only taking it for a test drive will prove it though and that’s what we plan to do as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let’s listen to her talk about how she ended up taking care of the nostrils of future BMW customers.


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