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BMW to Unveil the X5 Security Plus Model at Moscow

It would only seem appropriate for BMW to unveil their latest armored vehicle at the 2014 Moscow Auto Show, right? After all, the hottest and most tense point in the world right now seems to be just on the western front of Russia.
BMW X5 Security Plus 1 photo
According to Bimmertoday, the Germans are indeed planning to release their BMW F15 X5 Security Plus model at the Russian venue, along with their latest in the field of transporting VIPs.

The SUV will comply with security level VR6. However, there’s only one vehicle in BMW’s line-up that complies with a higher standard and that’s the BMW 7 Series High Security F03 one which is rated at VR7.

At level VR6 a car can withstand direct shots from the world’s most popular assault rifle, the AK-47. In order to protect its occupants, the X5 Security Plus model employs an armored passenger cell made from steel structure and panels. To further ensure against penetration by bullets or fragments, the cell features sealed joints in critical areas like door openings and areas between body panels. Furthermore, the glass used on the car can also withstand attack from blunt weapons and it protects its passengers from possible splinters.

Under the bonnet a 4.4-liter V8 engine hides with 450 HP and 650 Nm (480 lb-ft) of torque that uses the xDrive all-wheel drive system to get out of sticky situations.

The chassis, brakes and electronic management systems have all been upgraded to cope with the extra weight and profile of the car and BMW’s Intelligent Emergency Call system is standard, sending the vehicle’s exact location to the BMW Call Center in case of emergency.

The biggest markets for this vehicle will be South America, Africa and Russia, of course. They can also be fitted with strobe lights and sirens and such things in case you want them.


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