UPDATE: BMW Stock Fell 9.3 Percent after Rumors of a Failed Diesel Engine Test Surfaced

It has been said in hidden corners of the internet and amongst some more vocal press outlets but nobody even fathomed to think it was true. Signs seem to show that other manufacturers faked their diesel emission tests as well, the first one in the crosshair right now being BMW.
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Unfortunately for the Munich-based manufacturer, a German magazine is claiming that their xDrive20d X3 model has the same issues as the cars from Volkswagen involved in the Dieselgate scandal. According to AutoBild, independent tests carried out by the International Council on Clean Transportation showed emissions higher by up to 11 times than what is attained on a test bench.

This is the same governing body that found the discrepancies between what Volkswagen diesels were getting in tests and in real-life. This seems to be a serious accusation, but a couple of things don’t really make sense right now.

As far as I can recall, the agency said loud and clear that while they tested the VW models they also used BMWs to compare the results and the Bavarian machines came out alright. How come are they changing their position right now?

Well, as a matter of fact, they didn’t. The info comes via a German magazine, as a rumor and not an official notice. That means it could very well be false.

Be that as it may, the results are already seen on the stock market, as the value of BMW dropped 9.3 percent in Frankfurt today. Furthermore, even Daimler is hit right now, even though there hasn’t been any malicious rumor about them released yet.

When contacted for a point of view, BMW said: “There is no function to recognize emissions testing cycles at BMW. All emissions systems remain active outside the testing cycles.”

For now, it all continues to be a rumor as no official statement was made but if it’s confirmed, we could be in for a genuine revolution in the field. This could very well mean the end of diesel-powered family cars as well as the start of a new EV and plug-in hybrid era.

UPDATE: Auto Bild retracted the article claiming that the BMW xDrive20d X3 is also polluting more than it should. It appears we have been right in doubting the legitimacy of their claims, as this wouldn't be the first time the German magazine is publishing 'incredible' stories with no actual back up to their claims. In the meantime, BMW still faced a slight decrease in the stock market that stabilized at around 5 percent. This just goes to show how volatile the stock exchange is and how vulnerable companies are to rumors.
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