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BMW Showcases the Most Advanced CarPlay Integration You’ve Ever Seen

CarPlay is becoming a more common feature these days, not only because it’s often installed as standard on new cars, but also thanks to more owners out there performing aftermarket upgrades and therefore going for head units that support Apple’s system.
CarPlay in 2022 BMW i4 6 photos
CarPlay integration in the new i4CarPlay integration in the new i4CarPlay integration in the new i4CarPlay integration in the new i4CarPlay integration in the new i4
But at the same time, there are carmakers out there that are trying to make the most of the CarPlay integration, and BMW is certainly one of them.

The German automaker has recently showcased CarPlay integration in the upcoming i4, revealing how the iPhone mirroring system looks like on the gigantic display inside the car.

Powered by iDrive 8, which allows for the merger of the dashboard and the console displays into one humongous panel with an impressive screen estate, the i4 will enable users to run CarPlay in several modes, while also getting the essential information more conveniently.

So for example, while CarPlay runs like in any other car on the main display in the car, navigation directions powered by Apple Maps are also shown on the instrument cluster and support the head-up display too for information projected right in front of the windshield.

The app integration is also more straightforward in the new i4, as drivers can easily launch their favorites right from the main menu or the toolbar. Music streaming and communications are also integrated at the operating system level, so the process of launching an app is much more convenient without compromising the available screen estate in any way.

Obviously, such an advanced CarPlay integration wouldn’t be possible without the gigantic screens in the BMW i4, so it goes without saying these features are unlikely to make their way to a significant number of cars from other brands in the near future.

The good news, however, is that CarPlay is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of the modern driving experience, and for Apple, this should be reason enough to focus more on substantial improvements both in the short and in the long terms.


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