BMW S1000RR with Custom Launch Control Takes Off like a Dream

The BMW S1000RR is, unquestionably, one of the most exciting superbikes of the last decade. The Bavarian engineers also equipped the machine with plenty of cutting edge technologies that gave it the upper hand on both track and street. Bren Tuning takes things one step further and delivers a custom flash with an insane Launch Control feature.
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Still, it looks like even the good things can be improved, at least this is what Bren Tuning's latest ECU flash seems to indicate. Bren included a parameter that can be altered in the new tune, and it provides more efficient traction control when taking off from a stand still.

Launch Control is not a new technology and was used in motocross racing quite a lot until becoming highly-popular on sport bikes. Multiple makers include Launch Control as an addition to their usual Traction Control behavior.

Launch Control maximizes the power that can be put to the road from the get-go

This feature works in a pretty similar way to Traction Control, limiting the amount of power and torque that is being sent to the rear wheel. The big difference is that Launch Control kicks into action when the bike starts moving, whereas Traction Control is a feature that is always active, provided the rider doesn't shut it off.

Bren Tuning's custom Launch Control allows the rider to start while revving the engine to the redline and popping the clutch. Instead of looping the bike, the BMW S1000RR will take off safely. Still, good riding skills are needed, as we are talking about one of the most vile superbikes in production.

The machine in the video below also runs a full Akrapovic Evo line full exhaust which, combined with the MR12 race fuel, takes peak power to around 230 hp at the wheel. Enjoy!

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