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BMW S 1000 RR Phantom Is a Love Letter to Design, If Not to Practicality

There’s an old saying that’s being thrown a lot these days when so many of us spend most of our time online: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. But sometimes, it does.
The BMW S 1000 RR Phantom is ridiculous but still awesome 4 photos
The BMW S 1000 RR Phantom is ridiculous but still awesomeThe BMW S 1000 RR Phantom is ridiculous but still awesomeThe BMW S 1000 RR Phantom is ridiculous but still awesome
Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem is the perfect example of that. He’s been around for ages (years, but counted in internet time), and he always delivers the most arresting, visually striking concepts. An industrial designer and a CG artist currently residing in London, he is the epitome of doing something for the art – and the love – of it.

Much like Scottish artist Chris Labrooy, Erdem’s work isn’t about delivering concepts that would render themselves to the rules of reality, even those set by an alternative future. They are works of art in themselves and stand alone because of it. They are the purest expression of an undying love for form set free of limitations: of reality, logic, or even common sense.

Here is one of Erdem’s most recent projects: the Phantom, which is based on a BMW S 1000 RR. Erdem’s work includes anything from bikes to cars and monster vehicles, architecture and jewelry, but he does seem to have a soft spot for motorcycles, BMW in particular.

Like many other of his bikes, the Phantom too rides on the ground. Literally so, since it seems to have almost no ground clearance with that panel work. It breathes a certain cyberpunk, aggressive air, with its angular and slightly confusing design that takes plenty of getting used to. It also lacks all the functional details that would make it even slightly practical: dashboard, rearview mirrors, a seat, that kind of stuff.

But what the Phantom lacks in functionality, it compensates for in sheer attitude. Is the Phantom even more useless than other motorcycle concepts that fuel our dreams of a possible tomorrow? It could be. Is it a standout precisely because it has the guts to throw all common sense out the window? Definitely.

What’s true love if not that?

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