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BMW Recalls Specific Models of M3 and M4

The North American branch of the Bavarian carmaker is recalling certain models of the M3 and M4 that might have a driveshaft problem that could lead to loss of power to rear axle and eventually a total breakdown.
BMW M3 and M4 7 photos
If you own a 2015-2016 BMW M3 Sedan manufactured from May 30, 2015, to September 2, 2015, a 2016 M4 Coupe built from July 3, 2015, to September 11, 2015, or an M4 Convertible manufactured from May 29, 2015, to August 4, 2015, you might have to go back to the dealership for the problem to be fixed.

Apparently, the affected vehicles have a driveshaft with a slip-joint that may not have been properly filled with grease. Because of this, the joint might fail to work properly over time, and there would be a major loss of power to the rear axle that could lead to a crash.

Until now, no injuries or deaths have been reported because of this problem. Being a high-performance car, the risk of injury is quite high, and BMW will try to fix it as fast as possible, starting with January 8, 2016, to avoid such things.

The owners will be contacted by BMW and their cars' driveshaft will be thoroughly inspected, with the company replacing it if necessary, free of charge, of course.

According to Autoblog, earlier this year, the Munich-based company issued two other recalls for similar models. No less than 2,067 examples of the 4 Series Convertible had an airbag problem and were recalled in March, while a number of 2, 3 and 4 Series models were brought back to fix a fuel pump malfunction.

As it turns out, those weren’t the only recalls in 2015. Also in March, BMW had to call back 2014-2015 F15 X5 SUVs because of an issue with the Head Protection System. It seems that the airbag may not have been securely connected to the airbag inflator gas generator. Because of that, in the case of an accident, the device that is supposed to save lives wouldn't have been properly inflated, leading to an increased risk of injury.

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