BMW Put Together a Short Video Showcasing the Innovations of the 7 Series

In case you didn’t get it yet, BMW put together a video to show exactly what the new 7 Series brings to the world. They might explain all day what one system or the other does but actually seeing it in action is a whole different thing. Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words and video is worth... a million pictures?
BMW 7 Series Active Lane Assist 1 photo
Moving away from semantics, we found the three-minute clip rather entertaining not only because it showcases all of this incredible technology but also because it lets you know to who BMW markets the 7 Series.

Of course, it’s no secret that they are aiming at successful businessmen that are entering their golden years or are heading towards retirement but this time it’s rather evident with the central character here being a perfect example of how the regular customer would look like.

Furthermore, he’s even going on a trip in this video, leaving his car in a crowded airport parking where he just needs to use his Remote Control parking feature. Yes, that’s when you park your BMW using the key fob, an industry-wide first that’s a little tricky to use.

That’s because you have to place the car perfectly lined up to the spot and make sure that you don’t have it going forward or backwards for more than 1.5-times the length of the vehicle. Since the BMW 7 Series is 5.2-meters (206.2 inches) long in its LWB version, that means up to 7.5 meters (295.2 inches).

Other features showcased here include the lane assistant with active steering that, unlike until now, will make sure you stay in lane not only by making your steering wheel vibrate whenever you go over the road markings but also by steering for you. It’s not an industry-wide first but a premiere for BMW.

Then you get to take a look at the parking assistant that now allows your car to park transverse to the carriageway and the head-up display that has been further improved.

A lot more is showcased in these 3 minutes but we’ll let you go through them and are waiting to hear your opinion on what you just witnessed.


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