BMW Plays on the Road, Scares Oncoming Driver into an Unplanned Offroad Excursion

While it may be great for kids and dogs, for us drivers snow is a pain in the proverbial butt. Sometimes even quite literally, as we’ve all probably experienced at least once when failing to spot that patch of ice while walking.
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But if kids can build fortresses and throw snowballs at each other, we too can have some fun with our cars once Princess Elsa finished doing her thing with our surroundings. Oh, come on, don’t pretend you’re a tough guy who didn’t cry at watch "Frozen."

That fun usually involves a lot of drifting, but no matter how many times you’ve done it before and how good you are (or you think you are) at it, it should always be done on closed roads, in parking lots or open fields. In other words, in places where you know your shenanigans won’t impede on anyone.

There’s a saying that goes like this: "One person’s freedom ends where somebody else’s starts." That’s just a fancy way of saying that you’re free to do whatever you want, as long as by doing that you’re not preventing me - or anybody else - from doing the same thing.

The driver of this black BMW seems to know very well what he’s doing, controlling his car quite nicely on a not so wide snow-covered road. He has his hazard lights on, which should be a sign for other drivers that he’s in control, and he’s doing it on purpose.

However, when you come out of a turn, those lights are not the first thing you’ll see, but the big black car they’re attached to waving its tail like a fish in a pond from one side of the narrow road to the other. And when you happen to drive an older car with zero safety ratings, you just don’t feel like taking any chances.

The oncoming driver decided that getting off the road was the smart thing to do, so he veers to the right and appears to get stuck on the curb. But this is when the most incriminating aspect of the BMW driver’s behavior happens.

It wasn’t his reckless maneuvers or the fact that he didn’t consider stopping as he was approaching a bend (he did stop quite quickly when he saw the other car). Nope. It’s the fact that he and the car behind - which we can only assume was there to film him - did not pull over immediately to try and help the other driver. After all, wrong reaction aside, he did end up there because of them. They had one chance of redeeming themselves, but they failed.

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