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BMW Needs to Know What You Want to See on Its Apple Watch App

BMW is planning to release a new app for the Apple Watch, and the German company has begun a survey within the ranks of its customers who use the wearable from Cupertino. The customers who have the BMW app installed on their Apple Watch received a request to fill out the survey.
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BMW wants to know what users want to see first on the small screens of their Apple Watches, and those who participated in the survey have told 9to5mac that the German company wants to know if they use a cellular Apple Watch or the Wi-Fi only model, as well as how often they use the app on the device, along with other apps.

The survey also asks users to rank nine potential features of the upcoming BMW Apple Watch app, but it allows users to add suggestions or requests. For example, users could suggest BMW makes an Apple Watch complication, but also to show certain information first (like state of charge, locked doors and windows, remaining range), right when they open the app.

Naturally, BMW also wants to figure out if their respondents drive an electric model, a combustion-engined vehicle, or a plug-in hybrid. Each category of user is interested in another type of key information shown first on the display of their watches from Apple, so it makes sense for BMW to ask that kind of question.

The survey made by BMW features the i4, which is set to launch in Europe this fall and will reach the U.S. in 2022. The app will work for other models made by the German brand, but the company could not help itself in displaying its latest electric vehicle to its customers, even if the i4 is just a background image for the survey.

BMW's connection with Apple is strong, and the German marque used to focus its app development on iPhone users alone. Back then, it was believed that Apple's closed-off ecosystem offered more security, while BMW had a different official position. Things have changed since then, and the brand introduced Android connectivity for its models launched in recent years. However, not all Android users get the best possible connectivity experience in a BMW, as iPhone users do.

Editor's note: Gallery features 2022 BMW i4 for illustration purposes.


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