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BMW M850i Shooting Brake Rendered as The GT BMW Needs To Build

Niches have become a trend these days, with German automotive producers being particularly fond of filling up these segments. And the shooting brake genre seems to have gained traction in recent years.
BMW M850i Shooting Brake Rendered 1 photo
For instance, the list of automotive producers that push this small, but art-like side of the market forward includes Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Now, despite BMW having a serious fetish for niche segments, the Bavarian automotive producer has yet to play to the tune of the S/B body.

Well, the rendering that brought us here comes to change that. This pixel play, which comes from a label called J.B. Cars, portrays a BMW M850i Shooting Brake (more on powertrain matters related to this virtual build below).

At least from where I'm standing, this piece of metal looks amazing. Sure, there might be a few design details that need further work, such as various bits of the green house, but this Bimmer is a treat for the eyes.

Building a business case for such a car would be quite a matter, even though there is at least one practical reason to bring it to life.

To me more precise, the S/B body style would address what is certainly the most important drawback of the 8 Series Coupe, namely the limited rear passenger space.

Then again, since the new-age 8er already comes in Coupe, Gran Coupe and Cabriolet form, I'm not expecting the German carmaker to come up with such a derivative anytime soon.

Hopefully, some eccentric aficionado out there will want to teach Ferrari GTC4Lusso drivers a thing or two about German cars and order this build in M8 form. And here's to hoping this isn't just a day dreaming session - you can bet that we'll return to the topic if this ever happens to be the case.


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