BMW M6 Gran Coupe Pitted Against Ford's Formula EcoBoost

BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Ford Formula EcoBoost 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The guys from Autocar set out to do a comparative test of Ford's bonkers Formula EcoBoost model pitted agains some of the best German cars around. One of them was the BMW M6 Gran Coupe.
The car they are focusing in the video below is the Ford, though. It's specs are pretty impressive too: around 500 kg and a 200 HP EcoBoost 1-liter engine that was really, heavily turbocharged.

No less than 3 German favorites were added to the mix, to prove a point. The point was to prove that the Formula car was better than all of them, a point we really don't agree with.

You see, just as the video will plainly show it, even though the Formula EcoBoost model is road legal, nobody in their right mind would buy one. Sure, it does have an impressive mpg number but is that all that matters?

Their test is the obvious answer: no! Let's say it's raining… Steve (the driver) found out on his own skin just what happens then. What if you want to bring friends along? Exactly: you can't!

Now, we get that this car is a performance beast that would win an endurance race easily but on the road and as a daily driver, it makes absolutely no sense, even with its fuel consumption.

In the end, Steve says that the 'Formula EcoBoost" is the answer to all of our prayers because of its fuel consumption. Well… How about the i8? It's also a fast car, has a fuel consumption of 94 mpg (2.5 l/100km), it will keep you dry during rainy days and will allow you to take one or more friends with you. We think, that's the better choice.

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