BMW M6 Gran Coupe Goes Through the Individual Manufaktur Treatment

Individual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran Coupe 7 photos
Photo: BMW
Individual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran CoupeIndividual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran CoupeIndividual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran CoupeIndividual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran CoupeIndividual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran CoupeIndividual Frozen Red BMW M6 Gran Coupe
If you’d like to see how much a company can evolve, you can use BMW as a case study. The company that went nearly bankrupt after the second world war and was nearly bought by its biggest competitor, managed to rise from its own ashes and become a giant on the automotive scene today.
Not only the BMW brand grew over the years but its success helped build a Group that now owns other world-famous brands such as MINI and Rolls-Royce, the latter being used by many as the benchmark in luxury in the automotive segment.

However, few people know that they don’t have to pay Rolls-Royce prices for those luxurious amenities. BMW also offers the best materials and finishes in the world for a wide variety of models, through its Individual Manufaktur program.

Now, you might be a bit confused because you probably already heard of the Individual range and you don’t know the difference. Fret not, as we’ll explain exactly what sets the two apart.

While the Individual range has its own unique colors and trims available, offering you access to an exclusive range of products, it has its limits. You can only choose out of a couple of paint colors for the exterior, for example, a number that is limited after all. Inside, the same thing applies, the trims, upholstery and material choices also being limited to only a few.

Move on to the Individual Manufaktur range and you get access to virtually unlimited options. In this case you get to sit down with BMW’s designers and engineers that will help you create the perfect car for you, no matter what you demand.

For example, the exterior color of your car can be virtually anything you want. You can bring your own sample to the painter and he’ll make sure to cover your new car in the desired shade. You can even have your car done in a by-color paint or add a coachline, by hand.

The same applies inside the car, where freedom of will allows you to get anything you could wish for. Merino leather can cover everything you want and the color choice is as wide as you wish, allowing you to add even bi-color combinations. Signets or monograms can also be embroidered in the headrest or other elements, done exactly as you wish.

As for the interior trims, you can actually have them replaced with all sorts of materials, from carbon fibre and aluminum to precious metals and other choices.

To showcase how all of these come together, BMW did an interesting project using an M6 Gran Coupe. The car was done in Individual Frozen Red metallic on the outside to make sure it catches your attention.

Inside, full fine-grain Merino leather in Opal White with contrast stitching in Sakhir Orange welcomes you alongside interior trims in Piano finish Black with accents in Frozen Red.

Even the doorsill finishers are now wearing the Manufaktur signet, just like the floor mats that have Opal White borders that match the interior. Of course, the Individual Manufaktur signet embroidered in the headrest was a must.
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