BMW M4 with M Stripes Spotted in Germany

A recent article I read said that the new M3 and M4 have 67 visible M badges on them. That’s a lot but what I didn’t agree with was the fact that they put the car up on an elevator to count the badges. If you’re going to talk about how many you can see, how about counting them with the car simply parked in front of you?
BMW M4 with M Stripes 10 photos
Photo: Autogespot
BMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M StripesBMW M4 with M Stripes
Leaving all that behind, what we have here today is proof that BMW enthusiasts are amongst the most hardcore type you can encounter in the automotive field. A lot of them are definitely not ashamed of telling you which one is their favorite brand and if you dare say something bad about it you might have a fight on your hands in no time.

Case and point: this BMW M4. As if the badges on the bonnet, the boot, the kidney grille and the seats weren’t enough (as we told you, there are 67 of them in total on this car), the owner decided that some M stripes across the entire body of the Bimmer would be even better.

Therefore he dressed up his car to look like a drivable billboard and to let everyone know that he can afford a true M car. We get it buddy, you made it! You could even afford the €7,300 Carbon Ceramic Brakes, good for you!

The thing is, as bad as it might seem at first, these stripes might actually grow on you. Sure, as a daily driver, this car would look terrible but on a proper track, this could be considered acceptable. Oh, and the black wheels match the entire setup perfectly.

In case you’re wondering, these are not the stripes you can get as part of the M Performance catalogue. That means he got them after purchasing the car, at a specialized shop and we’re wondering how much he paid for it. The best thing about it is that they can easily be taken down in case he gets bored or tired about the looks people give it around town.
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