BMW M4 Wants Belly Rubs, Ends Up in the Back of a Truck in Beirut

BMW M4 6 photos
Photo: Instagram | supercar.fails
Yep, that’s a new BMW M4, or what used to be one anyway, as it was immortalized with its belly up, strapped in the back of a truck.
You might be wondering how it ended up in that situation, and there’s likely a two-part story here. In the second one, someone probably said that they know how to tow it away for cheap, and in the first one, it was brutally crashed.

Details as to how it happened are inexistent, and the only thing that we know about it is that it happened in Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut, recently in all likelihood. The pictures uploaded by supercar.fails on Instagram one day ago reveal brutal damages to the bodywork, suspension, and other viable components.

By the looks of it, it could be an M4 Cabriolet, judging by what seems to be a visible folding mechanism for the roof in the trunk. The most bruises can be seen on the driver’s side, as it appears to have hit a solid object with its left rear end. And since it ended up facing the wrong way up on the back of that truck, which was designed for carrying pretty much anything you can imagine, bar cars, we can assume that it stopped on the roof subsequent to the accident.

We don’t think anyone would be brave enough to try and bring it back to life, as it looks like a write-off. Then again, we’ve seen vehicles looking far worse than this one that were resurrected, so you never know, do you? Let’s just hope that if someone decides to repair it, they will do a proper job, and inform the next owner about this ‘issue.’ Oh, and if you know more details about the crash, then feel free to share them with us in the comments area down below.

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