BMW M4 GTS Sounds Underwhelming in the First Online Footage of Its Exhaust

We’ve seen the new BMW M4 GTS out testing on the Nurburgring a couple of times before the car was unveiled, but we couldn’t get a good reading on how it sounded back then. After many people had called the exhaust of the M3 and M4 underwhelming, they started hoping that the M4 GTS would be different.
BMW M4 GTS Exhaust 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Well, we have a first video of the car’s exhaust sound on file now and we have to say that we’re not blown away. Of course, the quality of the video is rather poor and in such instances the microphone with which the sound is recorded matters a whole lot, but even so, things definitely don’t seem right.

As you’re about to see (or hear), the inline six-cylinder engine kept its character, but the sound is just too tame for a car that has these specs and such a high level of performance. As a matter of fact, it reminds us quite a lot of the M Performance exhaust for the M3 and M4 models, a possibility that may very well be true, even though BMW never confirmed it.

It should also be mentioned that the footage was recorded in a studio inside the Garching plant in Germany, and the echo might change the way we perceive the sound. We don’t know for sure at how many rpm the engine was revved, for a better understanding of what we’re looking at.

On the other hand, we are pretty sure that both the Comfort and Sport modes are being showcased here, as you can notice that the difference in sound is pretty high. Furthermore, in Comfort mode, the exhaust gasses leave the tailpipes only through two of them, those on the outside to be more precise, while in Sport mode all four of them are used.

From our own experience, we can tell you that the M4’s exhaust is a bit deceiving, especially in videos shot poorly. During our test drives with the car, we found the exhaust just right, even in standard guise, without any M Performance nonsense added on top.

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