BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition Vs. Mercedes-AMG GT R Is Old Rivalry at Its Best

One year ago, BMW launched a limited run of its M4 GTS dedicated to the team's DTM triumph, with only 200 of them ever built. There isn't much to separate the exclusive Bimmer from its donor apart from the special decals and that huge wing at the back, but then again these special editions don't really need it to sell well.
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Given how rare they are, it's not surprising we don't see the DTM Champion Edition M4 drag racing all too often, but that's not the only reason. While there's no doubt the special M4 is quick, it's not really designed for these simple accelerations runs.

We all know what spoilers are good for, and it's not drag racing. Unless we're talking about speeds where the risk of taking off is real (funny car territory), then the wing will only create drag and slow the car down. Out on the track, on the other hand, where handling is just as important as power, it's a completely different story.

However, its red opponent for the day has a very similar instrument bolted on its rear as well, so at least in that respect, the balance is even. Other than that, though, these two cars are quite different. For one thing, one is based on a sedan while the other is a GT built from the ground up.

One uses a 4.0-liter V8 with the other getting its power from a 3.0-liter inline-six. Despite the discrepancy, the power gap is not that great: 585 hp for the Mercedes-AMG GT R compared to the 500 hp in the M4, with the BMW cutting the Merc on weight by 120 kg (264 lbs).

They both send all the power to the rear wheels alone, meaning whichever manages to put more of it to the ground at the start has a real chance of finishing the quarter-mile run first. Or so you'd think, at least, but if races were won on paper, we wouldn't have all these videos to keep us entertained.

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