BMW M340i Crushes Drag Race, Diesel Audi S4 Humiliates Polestar S60

BMW M340i Crushes Drag Race, Diesel Audi S4 Beats Polestar S60 5 photos
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BMW M340i vs Audi S4 TDI vs Volvo S60 Polestar Drag RaceBMW M340i vs Audi S4 TDI vs Volvo S60 Polestar Drag RaceBMW M340i vs Audi S4 TDI vs Volvo S60 Polestar Drag RaceBMW M340i vs Audi S4 TDI vs Volvo S60 Polestar Drag Race
A couple of days ago, we had a Volvo S60 T8 with the Polestar performance upgrades take on the BMW 330e. It won a drag race thanks to more power, which felt unfair, but lost pretty much everything else in the comparison.
Since the T8 Polestar was not only Volvo's plug-in system, but also its most powerful powertrain, it deserves to take on the M340i, not the 330e, as well as rivals from Audi and Mercedes. We're glad to see the new S4 Avant here since it can finally put its 3.0 TDI to the test. But the Mercedes-AMG E53 doesn't feel at home. Not only is this a coupe from the class above, but it also costs a lot more money.

Even so, this is a nice sampling of the European luxury+performance market, and it's not looking particularly exciting. Volvo is not only losing the battle on safety systems, but it can't match the excitement offered by its rivals. The Polestar-engineered S60 features a 2-liter engine that sounds sickly, covered in artificial aids like a supercharger, turbocharger and a 90 horsepower electric motor.

The E53 also pays the price for playing games with hybrid technology. While its electric motor only adds about 22 hp, its weight and that of the battery push this otherwise sexy coupe to the 2-ton mark.

So why are we even rooting for the diesel-powered Audi S4? Well, 700 Nm tells you the quattro people did try to make something special. Even though it's about 60 hp down on the Polestar, this wagon shows it's convincingly faster in the drag race.

And as for the M340i, it's basically the best car here. Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy it in wagon form, just like the Audi. And if you're somehow a diesel fan, there's even an M340d panned, though they can't seem to get it past regulators.

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